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Enlightened Naturopathy

Healing Through Transformation...


Utilising herbal medicines, nutrition, nutraceuticals, energetic medicine and lifestyle modification to promote health and prevent disease.


Considering the Whole Self to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

How It All Started...

Amy Falconbridge
Hi, I'm Amy Falconbridge, founder and naturopath at Enlightened Naturopathy.

For me, it all start with a passion to bring about healing and transformation. Straight out of school, I enrolled myself in a Psychology degree, but after three years of study I found that I was developing a passion for wholism, an understanding of the Self beyond just the mind and the physical body. It was a passion, I understood, which could not be satisfied by the conventional medical system, and so I began my search for something which could help me to unpack and develop my understanding of the Self as a multidimensional being.


Then Welcome Home. We're here to help you to consciously evolve and do just that.