page1image1 1A naturopath is a holistic health practitioner trained in the use of herbs, nutrients, supplements and lifestyle interventions to manage disease and promote health. With a focus on healing through transformation, we at Enlightened Naturopathy offer a truly unique and wholistic Naturopathic service aimed at assisting you to make permanent shifts as you discover an authentic and healthier expression of you.

Every individual is considered to be totally unique, and so each client will be greeted anew, with consultations and services being moulded to meet and support the unique goals, conditions, experiences and potentials of each client. By combining traditional Naturopathic practices with transformational mentoring and ancient spiritual principles (such as self mastery, spiritual alchemy, metaphysics and ethics), our committment is to walk beside you as you undergo the transformation which is necessary to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

To us, you are far more than just a physical body, and it is our understanding that the physical presentation of dis-ease is most often the manifestation of discord occuring on (or between) the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expressions of your be-ing.

Here, you will be considered as a soul journeying through time, and health management will combine modern physiological science with traditional metaphysical philosophy to offer you a comprehensive, practical and holistic set of skills to assist you in manifesting an authentic and health-filled life.