With a focus on healing through transformation, we offer a truly unique and wholistic Naturopathic service aimed at assisting you to make permanent shifts as you discover an authentic and healthier expression of you. Every individual is considered to be totally unique, and so each client will be greeted anew, with consultations and services being moulded to meet and support the unique goals, conditions, experiences and potentials of each client.
By combining traditional Naturopathic practices with transformational mentoring and ancient spiritual principles (such as self mastery, spiritual alchemy, metaphysics and ethics), our commitment is to walk beside you as you undergo the transformation which is necessary to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.
To us, you are far more than just a physical body, and it is our understanding that the physical presentation of dis-ease is most often the manifestation of discord occuring on (or between) the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expressions of your be-ing.
Here, you will be considered as a soul journeying through time, and health management will combine modern physiological science with traditional metaphysical philosophy to offer you a comprehensive, practical and holistic set of skills to assist you in manifesting an authentic and health-filled life.

Initial Consultation - $120, one hour
During an initial consultation, a client's current (and past) conditions of health are thoroughly explored and understood. This is the "unpacking" time, where we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of exactly where the client is at, and exactly where the client wishes to evolve to. Often, some physical examinations are carried out during this consultation (such as iridology, BP, tongue and nail analysis etc), and a long-term treatment plan and prescription is presented to the client.

Follow Up Consultation - $110, 45 minutes
A follow up consultation provides us with the opportunity to continue working with the client. During a follow up consultation, information regarding a client's health is updated, and treatment plans and prescriptions are modified to reflect any changes which may have occurred. New health developments and previously unexplored aspects of health are able to be discussed, allowing us to remain present and up-to-date.

Acute Consultation - $55, 15 minutes
IWe offer acute consultations for current conditions which do not require in-depth health analysis or management. An acute consultation is appropriate for acute and uncomplicated physical conditions such as a cold or flu. All complicated, ongoing, multi-faceted, evolving health conditions will require a comprehensive (initial or follow up) naturopathic consultation.

Flower Essence Reading - $45, 10 minutes plus flower essence
Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine aimed at assisting in the transcendence and clearing of emotional and mental pain. By embodying both the lower and the higher vibration of particular feelings and thought patterns, the essences assist in healing by highlighting the dysfunction while also emphasising the ideal outcome (so, emphasising the highest expression of what the dysfunction can be transformed into). They offer energetic support as you undergo healing, releasing the old patterns and programs to be replaced by the new. At Enlightened Naturopathy, we work with the Australian Bush Flower Essences range, and essences are prescribed utilising an intuitive card reading process. Flower essence readings can be offered as a stand-along service, or as part of an initial or follow up consultation.