Amy Falconbridge

Hi, I'm Amy Falconbridge, founder and naturopath at Enlightened Naturopathy. For me, it all start with a passion to bring about healing and transformation. Straight out of school, I enrolled myself in a Psychology degree, but after three years of study I found that I was developing a passion for wholism, an understanding of the Self beyond just the mind and the physical body. It was a passion, I understood, which could not be satisfied by the conventional medical system, and so I began my search for something which could help me to unpack and develop my understanding of the Self as a multidimensional being.

After extensive travel and personal study, I discovered Naturopathy. My studies in naturopathy helped me to develop a context for what I was feeling - our scientific understanding of the Self was limited - here, I was being encouraged to embrace the understanding that the Self is comprised of a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a soul. Armed with this confirmed understanding, I began my studies into human anatomy and physical disease. I studied nutritional biochemistry and came to understand the processes occurring in the physical body. I studied human pathology, pharmacology and phytochemistry, and began to understand the influence of substances (natural and unnatural) on these processes. I began to understand digestion, hormones, the nervous system, stress, and all manner of physical functions and conditions, and more than this, I began to understand how the different bodies interacted with and impacted each other. I began to understand the impact that mental and emotional health had on the physical body. I could understand the connection between spiritual discontent and physical/emotional/mental pain. I began to understand our relationship with nature itself, and I could see how our health (on all levels) was dependent on a synergistic "bond" between ourselves and our natural environment. I was introduced to the healing power of nature, and I personally experienced this healing power of nature. I came to understood that health is about harmony and balance. It's about wholeness and connection, it's about compassion and a state of interconnection (and internal communication). My studies sparked, in me, a deep and profound passion for wholism, so complex yet simple, as dictated by nature. My naturopathic studies confirmed that what I truly sought was healing, and what I truly longed for was to share that healing with others.

While completing my studies in naturopathy, I underwent training at the Cosmosis© Mentoring Centre, which fed and fueled my passion for the esoteric. By working as mentors and educators within a wide range of fields, the Cosmosis© Mentoring Centre endeavours to facilitate both inner peace and personal-professional success, with special emphasis on self mastery, philosophy, alchemy, metaphysics and ethics. Here, my understanding of the Self deepened again, as I studied the soul and spirit, and the alchemical processes of transmutation and transformation. My knowledge about healing and wellness deepened again to include energetic hygeine and maintenance, and my insight deepened as I sought not only to heal on the physical level, but to heal as a soul which has journeyed through time. This training has added another dimension to my practice as a naturopath, as more of the Self (beyond the scope of the immediate here and now) is considered. See "The Practice" for more information on this.

Adding another dimension to treatment, I also underwent training as a Life Coach and Mentor, further enabling me to fulfill my commitment to offer truly holistic and multi-dimensional support to my clients.

My naturopathic studies, combined with my studies into personal and spiritual development, as well as life coaching and mentoring, have provided me with a holistic understanding of healing and wellness which spans broadly across the spectrum, integrating the scientific and the spiritual, the physical body and the soul, the seen and the unseen.